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Our Philosophy 

Imagination Station Childcare and Learning Center would like to revolutionize the way we provide for our children.  We believe that children should be valued for their imaginations and curiosity, their views of the world around them, and their love to play.  We believe that families should be valued for the special bonds they share, their love to play, their commitment to home and work, and the dreams they have for their children.  We believe that our staff should be valued for their vision, their skills, their heart, their knowledge, their delight in children, and their commitment to families.


We strive to encourage a love for learning while also developing readiness skills and promoting family involvement in the learning process.  The first five years of a child's life are vital to this process.  During these years, the emotions a child feels, along with what a child hears, sees and experiences are ingredients for brain development.  Throughout these very important years, we are provided with the unique opportunity to impact a child's future education.  With an understanding of content and how children learn, we can expand the opportunities we offer to children to acquire knowledge and understand concepts.  When the content of the curriculum is taught with the child's developmental stage in mind, the child is more likely to be a successful learner who will feel excited about and challenged by what they are learning.  We believe that children thrive on using their imaginations, are creative in their thinking and learn best through hands-on activities. 


 As our name suggests, we believe that enhancing a child's imagination provides them with the key to experiencing the world around them.  Children learn through discovery and exploration; therefore, what better way to discover the world than to explore it with our imaginations.   

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