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The children are settled into their new classrooms and the teachers are ready to roll with our September curriculum of "All About ME".  The children will be learning about their bodies, their senses, their families and their friends.  
During the month of September, we will be sending home the 2020/2021 Food Program Enrollment Forms.  These forms are mandatory for enrollment in our center.  All children qualify for this Federal Program and we are required to have a form on file for every child.  Please complete one form for each child and return it to your child's teacher or place it in the black box on the wall by Mrs. Shari's desk.  All information on the form is confidential.  If you have any questions in regards to completing the form, please call Mrs. Shari.
In October, we will be required to complete our annual Immunization Report for the Department of Health and Hospitals.  If your child has had immunizations in the last year, please provide us with an updated copy of their immunization record.

September Events

September 2nd- Library Bus
 September 7th- Labor Day
                        We will be closed.


Phase II COVID Policies remain in effect:
  • If anyone in your household has any symptoms of illness, your child/ren are required to remain home until the person has a negative COVID test.  
  • If anyone in your household is exposed to a person who tests positive for COVID, your child/ren are required to quarantine for 14 days.
  • Parents are not permitted to enter the buildings.
  • Children are required to be screened prior to entering the center.
  • Parents may pick up from the classrooms if there is an external door.  
  • Children are not permitted to bring anything from home to the center.

2020 Closures

Labor Day

Fall Training Day

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Thanksgiving Holiday

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day 

New Year's Eve

September 7th

October 30th

November 26th & 27th

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